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The Regenerative Marketplace

The Regenerative Marketplace

We’re advocating for a regenerative food system that supports our communities, our land, and our soil. We believe food that is grown with nature instead of against it will provide us with healthier soil (that can sequester more carbon) and cleaner air and water. Healthier ecosystems produce ingredients that are more nutrient dense, creating food that is nourishing for us and for the planet. 

Throughout the years, we've met incredible producers and food company founders that have created fantastic products featuring ingredients that are grown or produced with regenerative practices - meaning they are leaving the land, water, and air better than they found it. 

When you order from the marketplace, you'll get products that have been vetted by our team. We know each company personally. They'll be shipped to you in one shipment, meaning you don't have to go to multiple websites to find these great products.