Rethink how you drink

Regeneratively designed hydration

The electrolyte drink we can't keep in stock

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Electrolytes & minerals from nature

Coconut Water, Baobab, Real Dried Fruits & Herbs, Celtic Sea Salt

  • 15% DV of Potassium

    Bumbleroot Hydration has 620 mg of potassium per serving which is equal to the potassium in one and half bananas.

  • No Added Sugar

    Our drink mixes have no added sugar or glucose. The only sugar is naturally occurring from the coconut water, baobab, and fruit.

  • Whole, Regenerative Ingredients

    Regeneratively sourced key ingredients: organic coconut water from farms in India and wild-harvested Baobab from Zimbabwe.


I was on the fence before trying this...the price was higher than I was used to paying for similar products, but for the quality of the ingredients and nutritional profile, I decided to splurge. And there is no looking back now...I just placed another order for two more large pouches. I don't want to run out! The taste is perfect - not too sweet, and so very thirst quenching. I seriously crave the flavor. Please never stop making this!

- Amy

Climate Smart Ingredients

We believe that the best ingredients come from the best farmers (and harvestors). Regenerative practices mean more nutrients and minerals.

  • Organic Coconut Water

  • Organic Baobab Powder

  • Organic Dried Mint

  • Organic Raspberry Powder

  • Organic Dried Pineapple

  • Organic Hibiscus Powder

  • Organic Turmeric

  • Organic Ginger

  • Celtic Sea Salt

Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the potassium in Bumbleroot Hydration come from?

Our coconuts are harvested while they are young and have a higher concentration of potassium. And with no fillers in our coconut water, you receive the benefit of the higher concentration of minerals.

What is the source of your citric acid?

Our citric acid is non-GM and is derived from sugar cane or cassava. The crystallization occurs by a submerged fermentation process.

Does Bumbleroot Hydration have any fillers or anti-caking agents?

We are proud to have no fillers or anticaking agents Bumbleroot Hydration. Many formulators and co-packers told us it couldn't be done, but after years of iterations and formulations, we figured it out.

Our coconut water is freeze dried with a proprietary process that uses no fillers.

Baobab fruit naturally dries in the fruit. It is then ground into a finer powder.

Our herbs are dried.

Our fruits are formed into crystals with proprietary process.

Where do you source your sea salt?

Our sea salt is Celtic Sea Salt.

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