Our Story

At Bumbleroot, we know that food tells a story.

The food we plant, grow, harvest, and cook, from when we gather in the fields until we circle around the table, makes up the backbone of our common human history.

These stories inspire us to connect consumers to the global table of foods and beverages. Bumbleroot products help our customers lessen the divide between their farmer and their table.

We understand that food can be more than a meal or an on-the-go snack; it can be an entry point to a bigger story, a cultural history, and an environmental legacy. For generations, and in all parts of the world, we have gathered around the table to break bread. In the process of meeting for a meal, we share our lives, our stories, and build the ecosystems of our families. 

Bumbleroot has been on a journey to source and distribute foods that tell this story, support biodiversity and healthy soil, and to create opportunities for our customers to discover new and delicious products.

From our founder Sara Andrews’ roots as the granddaughter of Montana ranchers, to our first products – Baobab powder and drink mixes sourced from communities in Zimbabwe – our stories are rooted in the communities where are products are grown.

Bumbleroot’s commitment to regenerative agricultural practices guides our growth and helps us identify the best products to bring to your table, from the western United States to Southern Africa. As we expand, we’ll continue to source products that support communities, land, soil, and cultural & environmental ecosystems.

Bumbleroot believes in our power to make a difference for our planet. We can vote with our dollars by purchasing products that work with nature. we can support products and companies that promote carbon sequestration and revitalize ecosystems. We can choose to live regeneratively.

At Bumbleroot, we celebrate the farmer’s important role as a caretaker of the land and soil. We choose to partner with smaller producers who might otherwise get lost in the global food industry.

With focused effort and a commitment from growers, producers, and customers, we can repair broken ecosystems. Sara saw this firsthand when she worked as an agricultural policy advisor in Washington, D.C. and while working with the food system in Zimbabwe. She brought this experience and the vision of a better food system together when she created Bumbleroot. It takes a community to make change, but ultimately it only takes one person to start building a better system, and by choosing Bumbleroot products, you can be that person.

At Bumbleroot, we focus on easy-to-use beverages and snacks that support active lifestyles. We hope that Bumbleroot will be your trusted source for foods that span a range of flavors and ingredients — letting you explore new foods and new stories while supporting a regenerative approach to agricultural production, conservation, and ecological repair worldwide.