Bumbleroot Foods
Bumbleroot Foods


Bumbleroot Foods

Bumbleroot is an easy companion for my life as a painter in Montana. When I spend time outside of the studio, I prefer to spend it in the mountains. Knowing that Bumbleroot is hydrating me with simple, clean ingredients that are good for my body always puts my mind at ease.

Morgan Irons, Painter
Bumbleroot Foods

I travel a lot for work and I make sure to keep Bumbleroot on me so I always have a way to hydrate and boost my nutrient intake. Coconut water and baobab are both wild harvested foods that people have been using for thousands of years and I love that Bumbleroot makes it so easy for me to incorporate them into my diet.

Nick Polizzi, The Sacred Science
Bumbleroot Foods

I love drinking Bumbleroot during my day to stay hydrated. I know all the ingredients are real and support my energy throughout the day as I manage a business and kids.

Annmarie Gianni, Annmarie Skincare

Frequently asked questions

Our coconuts are harvested while they are young and have a higher concentration of potassium. And with no fillers in our coconut water, you receive the benefit of the higher concentration of minerals.

Our citric acid is non-GMO and is derived from 100% pure anhydrous citric acid from sugar cane or cassava. The crystallization occurs by a submerged fermentation process.

We are proud to have no fillers or anticaking agents in our hydration drinks. Many formulators and co-packers told us it couldn't be done, but after years of iterations and formulations, we figured it out.

Our coconut water is freeze dried with a proprietary process that uses no fillers.

Baobab fruit naturally dries in the fruit. It is then ground into a finer powder.

Our herbs are dried.

Our fruits are formed into crystals with a proprietary process.

Our sea salt is Celtic Sea Salt.