Roam Free: Regenerating the land with bison

Roam Free: Regenerating the land with bison

From their land to your hand

A few hundred years ago, millions of bison roamed the grasslands of North America. These bison, along with elk, antelope, and deer, created the top soil that we now farm throughout much of the United States. 

The Northern Great Plains is one of the largest intact grasslands left and according to the WWF, around 70% of that is owned, much of that by ranchers. Read More. 

At Roam Free Ranch outside of Hot Springs, Montana, Jon Sepp and Brittany Masters raise bison on land that was traditionally a bison corridor. In just a few short years of holistic grazing, the bison have improved the land with their hoof action and manure, reinvigorating grasses and bringing back a greater diversity and plant and animal life.

A conversation with Jon and Brittany

We recently spoke to Jon and Brittany and we hope you enjoy the conversation. We covered their journey to ranching, the development of their food brand, regenerative agriculture, the restoration of grasslands, and rebuilding the bison population. 

Resources mentioned by Jon and Brittany during our conversation:

For the Love of Soil, Nicole Masters

Western Sustainability Exchange

You can find Roam Free on Instagram and Facebook. 

The Regenerative Marketplace

At Bumbleroot, the knowledge that we can vote for a better planet with our food choices drives us everyday.

Throughout the years, we've met incredible producers and food company founders that have created fantastic products featuring ingredients that are grown or produced with regenerative practices - meaning they are leaving the land, water, and air better than they found it.

 Regenerative Marketplace curates  better for you, better for the planet food products. You'll find your Bumbleroot favorites, but you'll also find bison jerky, persimmon vinegar, lentils, kelp jerky and more. 

When you order from the marketplace, you'll get products that have been vetted by our team. We know each company personally. They'll be shipped to you in one shipment, meaning you don't have to go to multiple websites to find these great products.

Roam Free Bison Bites

Roam Free follows the ethos “from our land to your hand”. Jon Sepp and Brittany Master raise bison on their Montana ranch, regenerating the land by creating an environment that mimics the native habitat of the bison and their ancient grazing patterns.

By rotating the bison across fresh grass over short periods of time, in the way that wild Bison moved, Jon and Brittany are preserving native grasslands, the number one most endangered ecosystem in North America.

Roam Free’s Bison bites add simple ingredients to bison meat sourced directly from the ranch. A fan favorite, Original is their most popular flavor. A traditional mix of pepper and hickory smoke. 

Akua Kelp Jerky

Akua’s Sesame & Nori Sea Salt flavor is made for ocean lovers, and fans of typical nori sheet snacks who want a more satiating and nourishing way to eat seagreens. Combined with nori flakes and sea salts, this slightly messy treat is packed with umami delight. 

All flavors of Kelp Jerky are delicious, nutrient dense, high-protein, and energy-supporting snacks made with regeneratively ocean-farmed kelp from the pristine waters of Maine, with top quality shiitake mushrooms, and superfoods.

White Buffalo Land Trust Persimmon Vinegar

White Buffalo Land Trust's Persimmon Vinegar is uniquely delicious, healthy, and simple. It’s good for you, good for farmers, good for the planet, and is locally grown and produced on California’s Central Coast. The White Buffalo Land Trust believes food can and should be part of the solution to climate change and regenerating our ecosystems and communities.

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