Covid Supply Update: The story of our coconut water

Covid Supply Update: The story of our coconut water

We started Bumbleroot by focusing on our supply chains. When we create a product, we are looking for ingredients that go beyond sustainable - ingredients that regenerate landscapes and are going to be jam-packed with nutrients.

We scoured the world looking for coconut water when we developed our hydration product and tested a number of coconut water powders. 

We found what we believe is the best source in the world - a coconut water sourced from farmers in India who utilize regenerative practices. It is also the only coconut water powder that we know of that doesn’t include any fillers. And because they source from young coconuts, it provides more potassium (missing in most of our diets) in amounts much higher than other coconut water powders.

Covid has impacted the world and each of our lives. It impacted India particularly hard. From the farmers, to the organic certifiers, to the production workers, to the shippers, it has caused severe delays in our ability to produce our hydration products and get them to you. 

We are so grateful for your patience and have been working with our suppliers to be creative to keep this product available.

Recently, we found out that it was going to be about six months before we would receive more product if it was sent by ship (containers are difficult to come by and product is getting delayed in ports around the world). Our supplier worked with us and we now have coconut water powder being air shipped to us so we can continue production. 

Air shipping is considerably more expensive though, so we have had to increase prices to account for this.

We know many of you count on the hydration products in your everyday life and wanted to be transparent about our supply.

We are currently offering a 10% discount on pre-orders to help us forecast. These orders should be going out the second week of September.

We’ll keep working to stay in stock and increase our supplies! We love this product and are working hard to keep it in your cabinets!

Thank you for your support and patience!


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