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Bumbleroot Foods

Roam Free Bison Bites (2 - Original) & Bumbleroot Hydration Mix (10 - Raspberry Hibiscus Mint

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Roam Free Bison Bites: 

With our unique "from land to hand" business model, Roam Free strives to do exactly that. Flathead Bison Co is an off-grid ranch that has created a regenerative environment which enables our bison to be as they were intended to be, free. Surrounded by wildlife and natural vegetation, our bison roam freely with grass-fed grazing practices.

Roam Free offers a high protein carb free product unequaled in the industry because we refuse to compromise. Bison Bites is minimally processed and crafted with nothing but the best ingredients, no preservatives, artificial flavors or fillers and this results in a great tasting, healthy, and sustainable product.

Bumbleroot Hydration Drink Mix:

Bumbleroot’s Superfood Hydration Drink mixes combine real, healthy foods from around the world to create a delicious everyday hydration drink ready to add to your water bottle, water glass, or mason jar. 

Loaded with electrolytes, courtesy of the coconut water, baobab, and sea salt, the drinks help you stay hydrated when you’re out playing or during your active day. The drinks contain 27% of your recommended daily value of potassium! 

Did we mention they are only 40 calories each?

And by choosing a drink made from real plants, rather than unpronounceable ingredients made in a plant, you are voting for a more sustainable food system. 



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